cruising the park… (at West Windsor Community Park)

happy dog time… (at West Windsor Community Dog Park)
18th Apr 201416:54
Shai getting that leg thing going… (at East Windsor Bowl & Recreation Center)
16th Apr 201414:59
hiking selfie…
22nd Mar 201415:24
successful day hiking away from Minecraft (at Scotts Run Nature Preserve)
22nd Mar 201414:21
and the band played on…
28th Feb 201400:52
giving his brother boobies
13th Feb 201414:21
how the boys roll for school when the sun is out…
13th Jan 201408:52
…and some night play. (at Shady Brook Farm)
4th Jan 201422:30
another successful day of snow play… (at Princeton University)
4th Jan 201422:25
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