hotdog Sunday… (at Greenacres Country Club)
27th Jul 201420:58
landed back home, and missing the quiet times from vacation.
27th Jul 201400:11
last Cali leap…
26th Jul 201415:07
dancing levitation (at LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
24th Jul 201418:01
heat can’t keep the cousins from another outing… (at La Brea Tar Pits)
24th Jul 201416:55
next stop, Pasadena science museum… (at Studio City, California)
22nd Jul 201414:36
family time. happy time.
21st Jul 201423:53
sad panda :( (at The Apple Pan)
21st Jul 201415:09
happy tummy time… (at Pizzeria Mozza Newport Beach)
20th Jul 201423:27
old picture of me and sis at uncle Dadoo’s (at La Jolla, San Diego)
20th Jul 201414:01
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