float along with the current
take time on saturday to not work
create space where it leads (at D&R Canal)
6th Sep 201413:48
the pace which you grow
what you see and learn is boundless
your cadence beats my stillness
3rd Sep 201409:35
taking a time-out with Serena… (at Compo Beach)
28th Aug 201418:49
holding on to things we love… (at Maurice Hawk Elementary School)
23rd Aug 201411:47
last day of camp… brings us closer together… to the end of summer
22nd Aug 201417:25
poolside “beverages” (at West Windsor water works)
10th Aug 201417:17
lonely cicada rests in peace while we play pocket frisbee (at West Windsor water works)
5th Aug 201400:38
happy hour time… (at Grounds For Sculpture)
30th Jul 201418:05
hotdog Sunday… (at Greenacres Country Club)
27th Jul 201420:58
landed back home, and missing the quiet times from vacation.
27th Jul 201400:11
Opaque  by  andbamnan